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MASSAGE, THERAPY in the Slawomir Matoga Studio

Under the personal care of our manager
you can choose from a variety of massages:

description Classic massage
description Holistic (full-body) and partial massage
description Active and passive physical therapy
description combined and restorative massage
description Connective tissue massage
description Foot-reflex-zone massage
description Joint massage
description Lymphatic drainage techniques
description Back massage
Classic massage:
Classic massage consists of four techniques applied consecutively
1. Effleurage (stroking)
gentle and parallel stroking along the muscles fibres.
2. Petrissage (kneading)
Muscles are pushed against each other, thereby stretching them. Kneading is performed in both muscular directions.
3. Friction (pressure massage)
circular movements with the thumb and fingertips deep into the muscle structure.
4. Tapotement (tapping percussion)
light tapping and blows with the relaxed hand to stimulate and improve blood circulation in the massaged area.
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Holistic (full-body) and partial massage:
also called "the art of touching" and originating in the Far East, this method is one of the types of exercise that restores a person′s strength and vitality.
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Active and passive physical therapy:
These exercises greatly improve the scope of movement in the joints and the spine and measurably strenghten the muscular structure.
Passive exercises: although clients are not active in these exercises, they perceive them kinaesthetically. The object is to achieve contraction prophylaxis.
Active exercises: Clients perform these exercises themselves under specific guidance.
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Combined synthesising massage:
a classic type of massage involving both active and passive therapy.
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Connective tissue massage:
a special way of stimulating internal organs, glands and tissue.
Disturbances appear as more sensitive areas on the skin.
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Foot reflex zone massage:
a special type of reflex zone therapy on the foot. Applying pressure and massaging various parts of the foot positively stimulates the body.
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Joint massage:
derived from classic massage, it is prepared via partial massages. The joint apparatus
is mobilised so that the usual scope of movement is restored.
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Lymph drainage:
helps draw off tissue fluid through the lymph vessels. The principle involves rhythmically circling and pumping action as well as laying the fingers and/or the hands on flat with carefully calculated pressure.
Manual lymph drainage is a form of unblocking therapy, helping to eliminate swellings in the tissue.
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Back massage:
focuses on problem zones such as the shoulders and the lumbar region, stimulating blood circulation and allowing waste material to be drawn off, mainly through the blood and lymph system.
The objective is to relax the tissue, stimulate blood circulation throughout it and lower muscle hypertonia.
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